Drama Youtube online-Heliza Helmi & Norhelmee

Salam to all reader

Watch online youtube new drama titled couple.

The main character is Heliza Helmi dan Nor Helmee.

There may be between you guys already know, but I just tell. Do I care u know that or not..It's up to me,
right?who owner the blog?

Couple -Heliza  Helmi & Nor Helmee

That story not invite people to get couple but share tips how to  get mate (husband or wife) through mini movies.  (funny and cute drama ).

That story  related  how to management life and balanced that our life  with love people.  (couple/wedding)

That story very insteresting.if you want watching >>>click  HERE

Acting of Couple Nor Helmee Zainal Abidin (Syukur), Heliza Helmi (Qurratuain), Diana (Adik Qurratuain) dan Epul Raja Lawak (Adik Syukur).

That all from me.



Salam to all reader.

Last week,i have presentation about wedding.

Presentation for curiculum (family development)

And I want to share with you all that some video  I make for my presentation.

Just to share.

Happy watching..yeah!!

Thank to MR. google  that all pictures I taken from that. hehe


5 song english

Salam to all reader

I want to share with you 5 song that i like
that song from my favourite singer
this person 


1. Number one for me (my ringtone)

special from me for my mother
that song very mean to me as child for my mother

2. I love you so
3.  So soon
4. I believe 
5. Forgive me

Actually all song maher zain i like. if you want to know more song you can gets all  from this channel >>  HERE    For me,important if you like listen that song you must know that lyrics and that meaning too.